Majorette - Creatix Lamborghini Race Track + 5 Cars

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Product code  :  212050025

Age category  :   3-11 Years

Gender  :  BOYS

Points to Buy  :  11000

Licence  :   Generic 

The Creatix Lamborghini Race Playset: Race fever on a toy scale! On this racing track the adrenaline rush is almost on a par with what you get from life-size examples on the sports scene. The Majorette Lamborghini Race Playset brings to life the fascination of Lamborghini. The set consists of a two floor garage with a showroom and a racing track. The five accompanying die-cast freewheel Lamborghinis can immediately stage an exciting duel on this track. The winner is then fittingly celebrated on the victory podium. Children aged five and over have everything under control at the race-control tower with four different original Lamborghini engine sounds and starting lights. The cars also whoosh off from the launch ramp with an original Lamborghini sound. This playset is a must-have for any Creatix collection and can be extended seamlessly via the street elements with other articles from the collection.

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