Pumponator Green

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Brand  :  Pumponator

Product code  :  0212G

Age category  :   3 Years

Gender  :  UNISEX

Points to Buy  :  2360

Licence  :   Generic 

Pumponator Balloon Pumping Station is designed to make filling balloons with water as well as air so easy. Whether you are competing or just having fun in the backyard, you will love the Pumponator®. It is simple, easy to use and portable. You can take it with you camping, football games, parties or anywhere you want to have water balloon fun. Just fill the container with water and go! No more frustration with the runaway water hose or blowing up balloons until you are out of breath. Pumponator Ballon Pump with tying tool comes with 300 balloons, fill balloons with water or air.

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