Game Marbles Pokie Dokie

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Brand  :  Spin Master

Product code  :  6044749

Age category  :   8 Years

Gender  :  UNISEX

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It’s Pokie Dokie time! Challenge a friend to a head-to-head, word building match with the fast-paced game, Pokie Dokie! It’s a race to spell out and poke out more words than your opponent. Load the letter dice and wild dice into the game rack. Wild dice can be used as any letter but each player only has three. When both players are ready, they yell “Pokie Dokie!” Players simultaneously shout out words and poke the corresponding letter dice to their opponent’s side. Words must have at least three letters and only use dice from the bottom row or dice falling into the bottom row. Shout out “Toy!” Then poke out “T” then “O” then “Y”. What other words do you see as the letters fall? It takes quick thinking and fast reflexes to scan the changing pattern of letters for new words and poke them out. Sometimes your opponent pokes a dice to your side of the board before you have a chance to poke it first! The game ends when neither player can spell a word with the remaining dice. Whoever has the fewest dice on their side of the board is the winner! Pokie Dokie is a fun and fast-paced, word building game for kids aged 8 and up. Bring it out at your next game night and poke or be poked!
Product Dimenions : 3 x10.5 x10.5 cm
Weight : 0.9752236 kgs
Battery Needed :No
Type of Battery :No

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