Flippin Action Playset With 2X2 Dolls

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Brand  :  The Powerpuff Girls

Product code  :  6028023

Age category  :   3 Years

Gender  :  GIRLS

Points to Buy  :  9160

Licence  :   Powerpuff Girls 

The Powerpuff Girls 2-in-1 Flip-to-Action Playset

With sugar, spice, everything nice and a dash of Chemical X, the Powerpuff Girls were born! Harness the girls' ultra-super powers to save the day and citizens of Townsville from evil. With The Powerpuff Girls 2-in-1 Flip-to-Action Playset, you can jump into action with Bubbles, and, with the guidance of Professor Utonium, protect the people. Flip a switch to transform the playset from Bubbles' room to the Professor's Lab. Brainstorm battle plans by orbiting the bedroom on the interactive light trail. The Powerpuff Girls can save the town from villains and monsters, but can they simply survive elementary school?

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