Batman Zero Gravity Batmobile

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Brand  :  Air Hogs

Product code  :  6024623

Age category  :   8 Years

Gender  :  BOYS

Points to Buy  :  15160

Licence  :   DC BATMAN 

Speed through the streets of Gotham to the walls of your home! Now you are in control of the The Zero Gravity Batmobile, featuring award-winning patented Wall Climber Technology! This Batmobile defies the laws of gravity! Drive on the walls, ground and upside down. Even on the ceilings of your home! Use the Remote Control to project the iconic Bat Symbol on the wall. Its 5 directional control and infrared sensors allow the Zero Gravity Batmobile to chase the Bat Symbols movement putting you in control of the action. Defy Gravity with the Zero Gravity Batmobile!

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